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Tax Rates & Allowances

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National Insurance

The rates and thresholds for National Insurance Contributions for 2024/26 are:

Class:Monthly earningsRate
Employer Class 1 above Secondary thresholdOver £75813.8%
Employee's class 1£1048 to £418910%
Employee's additional class 1Over £41892%
Self-employed class 2 (per week)N/A£3.70
Share fishermen class 2 (per week)N/A£4.10
Volunteer development workers class 2N/A£6.15
Class 3 (per week)N/A£17.45
 Annual profit thresholds 
Self-employed class 2
Over £12,570 credit available if profits between £6725 and £12,570
Self-employed class 4£12,570 to £50,2708%
Self-employed class 4 additional rateOver £50,2702%