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Filing Online Difficulties

Newsletter issue - May 2012.

Most tax and VAT returns now have to be submitted electronically, so if the return is late, even by a minute, the computer spits out a fine. This also applies to filing accounts and annual returns for companies or LLPs at Companies House.

Filing a tax return or submitting accounts online can be quicker, as there is no delay caused by sending a paper document in the post. You may also be given a longer period to file online, - an extra 7 days for VAT returns and an extra 3 months for personal tax returns. However, you do need software to file online, and this may not be freely available or the free version may not work for your particular circumstances.


For example, partnerships must submit a partnership tax return in addition to the personal tax returns for each partner. The partners' tax returns can be submitted online using the HMRC free software, but the partnership tax return cannot.

If you are a member of a partnership (or LLP) you must either submit the partnership return in paper form by 31 October, or acquire some commercial software to use to submit the return online, or ask us to help you submit the return.

Companies House Accounts

Private company accounts must be submitted to Companies House within 9 months of the company's year end. Say the company's year runs to 30 September 2011, the accounts must reach Companies House by midnight on 30 June 2012, even though this is a Saturday.

Companies House provides free software to submit company accounts online through its website, but this does not always work. If you leave filing your accounts to the last day, and the software, or your internet connection fails, you will get a fine of £150. You can ask us to file your company accounts and annual return on your behalf.


All VAT returns for periods starting on or after 1 April 2012 must be filed online, and any VAT due must be paid electronically, not by a cheque. Are you ready for this change? Talk to us if you want some help with filing VAT or other tax returns online.